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Regardless of which StarryNite model you choose, our mattresses are made to be compatible with most foundations.  Be they heavy metal frames, wooden frames, or even hinged frames, they all work well with your StarryNite beds.

As of now, we do not have a showroom where you can go to and test any of our mattresses. That said, in case you have missed out this incredibly useful value we liberally display across our site, we do have a 100-night trial.

This means you can use your StarryNite mattress worry free, and in the comfort of your own home. Sounds better than testing? We surely think so, and hope you do, too.

Well, that depends on whether your name is Tom Cruise or Jennifer Lawrence. OK, in all seriousness, no. At the moment, we do not offer a custom size for any of our mattresses. Essentially, what you see is what you get. But hey, you can still request for it that’s for sure.

StarryNite is developed using Swedish technology, but we are born and bred in the great country of Malaysia.

Seriously what’s not to like about Malaysia? With its relatively low labour costs, cheap land, and an abundance of English-speaking technicians, we say Malaysia forever. Hurray!

This depends on a host of factors: your budget, the way you sleep (sleeping position), your body’s temperature gauge, your personal preferences, to name a few. Because the simple and plain truth is that there is no single mattress that works for everybody, and you will need to sleep on one yourself to see if it works for you, we recommend that you do just that. Take full advantage of our 100-night trial, 10-year warranty, and free delivery, and get the extra boost of confidence in your mattress investment decision.

Orders & Payments

Yes, we know that you eager to sleep on your StarryNite mattress. Good thing is you don’t have to wait much longer. Your mattress will arrive between 1 and 5 working days from the moment you place your order! (If for some reason, it has still not arrived, we would like to extend our apologies in advance. Call us to get it sorted immediately.)

As of now, we do not accept payment by installment. But rest assured that this is in the works. Perhaps 3 months from now, this feature will be available. Want to be in the know earlier? Drop us your mail, and we will notify you before others. Cheers.


Yes, absolutely. You are the master of your universe. Just inform us when you want your order to be delivered, and we will be happy to oblige to your request.

Not right now. And once again, sorry East Malaysia. We promise we will love you back as soon as we can.

Returns, Refunds & Warranties

To initiate a return, all you have to do is mail us at support@starrynite.com.my. Yes, yes, we know you fear that we won’t open and read your mail. However, we promise you we take all our customer enquiries seriously. Yes, really.

Yes it is. And 100%. But sorry East Malaysia, it’s not yet extended to you. Soon perhaps.

Our 10-year warranty covers quite a number of things. The obvious will be defects of a structural or manufacturing nature. The less obvious will be physical flaws in the mattress causing the foam materials to split or crack.. Confused? We encourage you to view the full details here.

A trial simply means you can use something worry free. Therefore in our case, you can use our mattress worry free. And if you add 100 nights to it, this means you can use our mattress 100 nights worry free.

What? Were you expecting more? OK, back to the main topic.

Essentially this means that for whatever reason you are not happy with your StarryNite mattress, you can return us your order and get your money back—so long as it is within the trial period.

Full terms and conditions here

Yes of course. Simply contact us and provide us your reference no. to check on your refund status.