The Starlet

Our most wallet-friendly option. The Starlet is simple yet effective. It’s perfect for those looking for our well-known quality even on a budget. Learn More.

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Introducing The Starlet, a simple, no-nonsense
bed with wide sleep surface

Simple but still effective—and that’s exactly what makes The Starlet great

The Starlet may be simple, but it’s by no means simplistic. Comprising the essentials such as 12-gauge open coils, plush Euro pillow top and even edge stabilisers (also found in The Stargazer), it will deliver long-lasting comfort and support night after night.

Wallet-friendly, top-quality nonetheless.

Look under the covers of The Starlet and you’ll find every layer and material offered with the aim of turning every of its users into a happy camper.

The Starlet Layer Reveal

1. Anti-static fabric cover helps drain your tension away.
2. Plush Euro pillow top provides a pampering dose of plushness.
3. Durable support foam helps keep your spine alignment in check.
4. Edge stabilisers enabling wide sleep surface for everyone’s comfort.
5. 12-gauge inner springs provide extra stability.

Why families love The Starlet

More sleep surface
for all

With more sleep surface you get with The Starlet thanks to the edge stabilisers, your kids can comfortably bunk in your bed while you and your partner can continue to remain comfy throughout the night.

Fantastic for
any budget

It’s not that the rest are pricey, but at a price point from only RM988, The Starlet is the most affordable in our line of products, yet. Get smart, get it today, and keep your family happy. Jumping for joy is totally optional.

Solid from top
to bottom

It’s no exaggeration to say that The Starlet looks very sturdy. That is because it’s 11″ thick, which means it’s very likely to hold up over time—even accounting for the wear and tear that might be caused by your little ones.

Product Specs

92cm W x 190cm L x 28cm H

Super Single
107cm W x 190cm L x 28cm H

152cm W x 190cm L x 28cm H

182cm W x 190cm L x 28cm H

Anti-Static Fabric
Plush Euro Pillow Top
Durable Support Foam
Edge Stabilisers
12-Gauge Inner Springs

10-year limited warranty. More details here

As promised, The Starlet also comes with

Free Shipping

10 Years Warranty

100 Nights Trial

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A trial simply means you can use something worry free. Therefore in our case, you can use your StarryNite mattress worry free. And if you add 100 nights to it, this means you can use your StarryNite mattress 100 nights worry free.

What? Were you expecting more? OK, back to the main topic.

Essentially this means that for whatever reason you are not happy with your StarryNite mattress, you can return us your order and get your money back—so long as it is within the trial period.

Full terms and conditions here

Yes it is. And 100%. But sorry East Malaysia, it’s not yet extended to you. Soon perhaps.

To initiate a return, all you have to do is mail us at Yes, yes, we know you fear that we won’t open and read your mail. However, we promise you we take all our customer enquiries seriously. Yes, really.

StarryNite is developed using Swedish technology, but we are born and bred in the great country of Malaysia.

Seriously what’s not to like about Malaysia? With its relatively low labour costs, cheap land, and an abundance of English-speaking technicians, we say Malaysia forever. Hurray!