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Ah yes, the stars are finally aligned for our stars to come together.

Don’t let this opportunity go to waste. Seize the moment, and get yourself a new StarryNite mattress made to provide you with all the comfort and support you seek.

Mattress-in-a-Box (MIB) #1 Seller

Convenient, supportive, and durable. Perfect for urban living singles and couples.

Family Lifestyle Collection

Solid, well-made, and has wide sleep surface. Perfect for families enjoying life at a leisurely pace.

All StarryNite mattresses come with

Free Shipping

10 Years Warranty

100 Nights Trial

Yes, it is true.

There is no one mattress that works for everybody.

And all the more why you should sleep on it to see if it works for you.
Take full advantage of our 100-night trial, free shipping, and 10-year warranty, including our many benefits below:

Proper spinal support
and alignment

There are multiple reasons as to what makes a bed comfortable. But one of the main is that your spine has to be in alignment as you sleep on it. StarryNite mattresses are designed to do just that: To support the natural curves of your spine—and in every sleep position possible.

Cozy comfort you can

Sure, it isn’t always easy to measure sensory pleasure. However, when a majority of customers say that our mattresses offer them a high level of comfort leading them to sleep soundly, and to wake up feeling refreshed, perhaps there’s some truth to it.


Heat equals discomfort. And who wants that, especially when we’re sleeping, or trying to sleep, right? StarryNite mattresses are designed to be airy and breathable so that you stay cool and comfy at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A trial simply means you can use something worry free. Therefore in our case, you can use your StarryNite mattress worry free. And if you add 100 nights to it, this means you can use your StarryNite mattress 100 nights worry free.

What? Were you expecting more? OK, back to the main topic.

Essentially this means that for whatever reason you are not happy with your StarryNite mattress, you can return us your order and get your money back—so long as it is within the trial period.

Full terms and conditions here

Yes it is. And 100%. But sorry East Malaysia, it’s not yet extended to you. Soon perhaps.

To initiate a return, all you have to do is mail us at support@starrynite.com.my. Yes, yes, we know you fear that we won’t open and read your mail. However, we promise you we take all our customer enquiries seriously. Yes, really.

StarryNite is developed using Swedish technology, but we are born and bred in the great country of Malaysia.

Seriously what’s not to like about Malaysia? With its relatively low labour costs, cheap land, and an abundance of English-speaking technicians, we say Malaysia forever. Hurray!